FlexModule Mini LTEA (CAT-7)

The FlexModule Mini LTEA is a versatile and powerful expansion module that adds an LTEA modem to your Balance 20X / 380X / 580X router. With the FlexModule Mini LTEA, you can enjoy fast and reliable cellular connectivity on the US carriers AT&T, FirstNet, and T-Mobile. The module supports CAT-7 speeds and comes with two cellular antennas for optimal performance. The FlexModule Mini LTEA is easy to install and configure, and it allows you to leverage the advanced features of your Balance router, such as SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding, WAN smoothing, and failover. Whether you need a backup WAN link, a primary connection for remote locations, or a flexible solution for mobile deployments, the FlexModule Mini LTEA is the perfect choice for your network needs.

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