RV Install with Synergize! Mission Installable

The Mission!

Professor “P” goes on a mission to help people work better by providing reliable internet. This episode Peter installs a Transit Duo Pro with 2x 40G antenna, allowing for a seamless transition with the current Transit Duo Pro and better performance. Adding a second device allows him to take advantage of Synergy Mode!

What is Synergy Mode?

Synergy Mode allows the cascading of multiple Peplink devices then combines the number of WANs into a single Peplink device virtually! The benefit of this is that All the WANs on the Synergized Device will appear as native WAN interface on the Synergy Controller and it can be managed like the built-in WAN interfaces

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Synergy Mode

What products were used?

You can purchase the products used in this episode, and we have put together and Installation kit with everything Professor “P” uses to complete the install.

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