Non-stop whirlwind of activity for our team! InfoComm 2023

InfoComm 2023

InfoComm was an amazing non-stop whirlwind of activity for our team!

West Networks is a Florida-based company, so we immediately understood the assignment when it came to attending an Orlando conference…in June. We brought great summer swag in the form of sunglasses and sunscreen. These giveaways were so popular with our visitors that we were fresh out by the middle of Day 2! (A few “sun kissed” attendees must have missed our booth, because we realized early on that we probably should have also brought aloe!)

Peplink is the leader in Internet load-balancing and VPN-bonding solutions. Our solutions deliver unmatched connectivity in such a wide array of applications that we had something to talk about with nearly everyone!

We demonstrated to broadcast and events professionals how to harness robust and reliable broadcast-capable connectivity even in the most challenging environments with our HD4 MBX 5G.

Bring Your Own Internet (BYOI) solutions!

For professionals that are constantly on the go, we were able to show how our Bring Your Own Internet (BYOI) solutions like our portable BR1 and UBR cases could keep them connected anywhere!

We even shared with a couple universities and a rural school system how our Balance series could transform their existing internet connections into unbreakable, robust, and efficient networks.

From healthcare organizations to professional sports teams, an individual YouTuber (and even a yacht!), West Networks and Peplink were delighted to be the go-to resource for everyone’s Internet connectivity needs.

Reach out!

Reach out to us directly if you have a connectivity challenge you’d like us to tackle, and don’t forget to join us in Savannah for our Peplink Tech Summit hosted by West Networks!

See you all again in Vegas for InfoComm 2024!

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